Weekend Schedule Table

Whole Schedule

Time1/26 (Fri)1/27 (Sat)1/28 (Sun)
17:00~Solo Jazz Competition - Prelims (Open, All-Star/Advanced)
17:30~Break Time
18:00~Break Time
18:30~Break TimeShort-case Rehersal(1 to 3)
19:00~Break TimeShort-case Rehersal(Team)
19:30~Check-InCheck-In & Social Dance with DJCheck-In & Social Dance with DJ
20:00~Social Dance with DJSocial Dance with DJ20:20 Team Performance with Teachers
20:30~20:50 Team Performance with TeachersShort-case Competition
21:00~Solo Jazz Competition - Finals (Open, All-Star/Advanced)Short-case Competition
21:30~AJW ShowSocial Dance with Band, Sage Min SwingtetShort-case Competition
22:00~Social Dance with DJSolo Jazz Competition- Solo Jazz Battle, Award CeremonySocial Dance with DJ
21:30~Social Dance with Band, Sage Min Swingtet
22:00~Social Dance with Band, Sage Min SwingtetAward Ceremony
22:30~Social DanceSocial Dance with DJ
23:00~Social Dance
23:30~Social Dance

Workshop Schedule

1.27. Saturday

LocationNEW Big AppleStudio
Soft Shoes ONLY (no outdoor shoes and heels)
Track #Track 1Track 2Track 3
(without Translator)
Track 4
11:40 ~ 12:40Ramona - Play Me A SongRemy - Jazz FlowLaura - Breaking Up the Basics MoreNathan - The Big Four
12:55 ~ 13:55Nathan & Laura - Team Nathan/LauraCaleb - Fast ChoreoRemy - Jazz DynamicRamona - The Way That You Do It
14:10 ~ 15:10Nathan & Caleb - More Counterpoint!Remy- Team RemyRamona - The Music In YouLaura - Getting in the groove
15:25 ~ 16:25Remy & Ramona Lindyhop FlowLaura - Breaking Up the BasicsNathan & Gaby - Creative PartneringCaleb - Slow Choreo

1.28. Sunday

LocationNEW Big AppleStudio
Soft Shoes ONLY (no outdoor shoes and heels)
Track #Track 1Track 2Track 3 (without Translator)Track 4
11:40 ~ 12:40Remy - Rhythm & ImprovisationRamona- Free DanceNathan - Character and FormalityLaura - I Love Al Minns
12:55 ~ 13:55Nathan - 4-Bar BreaksLaura - Fast Dancing, How do I survive?Ramona- Master ClassRemy - Roots of the dance
14:10 ~ 15:10Nathan & Laura - Inspired by the Greats: Lindy HopCaleb - Team Caleb (year 3!)Remy - REMIX!!!Ramona - Team Ramona
15:25 ~ 16:25Remy & Ramona Partnered Jazz / Call & ResponseCaleb - Teachers ChoiceLaura & Gaby - Jazz Jam
In this class we will work on partnering our solo and making spontaneous improvised duets.
Nathan - Blues Improvisation
Learn about the blues, and practice dancing the blues.

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